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Year of Incorporation 1984
Website https://www.way2wealth.com/
Phone 1800 425 3690 FREE
Exchanges enabled NSE, BSE, MCX-SX, MCX, & NCDEX
Financial Health

Equity & Commodity Consolidated
Look for Brokerages with higher profit, low debt, higher Profit to Equity Ratio   which will indicate the profitability based on capital deployed, and atleast Rs 50 crores Balance sheet size. If a broker is in financial trouble, it will first start showing up on his balance sheet.

Profit after Tax FY11/12 Rs 4.2 Lakhs
Profit after Tax FY12/13 Rs 5.87 Lakhs
Profit after Tax FY13/14 Rs 5.23 Lakh
Profit after Tax FY 14/15 Rs 7.93 Lakh
Profit after Tax FY 15/16 Rs 11.19 Lakh
Profit after Tax FY 16/17 Rs 11.74 Lakh
Profit after Tax FY 17/18 Rs 12.16 Lakh
Profit after Tax FY 18/19 Rs 14.39 Lakh
Profit after Tax FY 19/20 Rs 14.50 Lakh
Profit after Tax FY 20/21 Rs 16.00 Lakh
Profit after Tax FY 21/22 Rs 17.02 Lakh
Profit after Tax FY 22/23 Rs 15.37 Lakh
Debt FY11/12 Rs 10.4 Lakhs
Debt FY12/13 Rs 17.2 Lakhs
Debt FY13/14 Rs 19.78 Lakh
Debt FY14/15 Rs 16.80 Lakh
Debt FY15/16 Rs 20.27 Lakh
Debt FY16/17 Rs 18.04 Lakh
Debt FY17/18 Rs 22.55 Lakh
Debt FY18/19 Rs 22.41 Lakh
Debt FY19/20 Rs 23.16 Lakh
Debt FY20/21 Rs 25.14 Lakh
Debt FY21/22 Rs 26.94 Lakh
Debt FY22/23 Rs 25.88 Lakh
Profit to Equity(%) FY11/12 0.25
Profit to Equity(%) FY12/13 1.52
Profit to Equity(%) FY13/14 2.39
Profit to Equity(%) FY14/15 3.71
Profit to Equity(%) FY15/16 3.71
Profit to Equity(%) FY16/17 4.61
Profit to Equity(%) FY17/18 5.42
Profit to Equity(%) FY18/19 6.22
Profit to Equity(%) FY19/20 7.38
Profit to Equity(%) FY20/21 8.12
Profit to Equity(%) FY21/22 9.22
Profit to Equity(%) FY22/23 10.22
Balance Sheet Size FY11/12 Rs 159 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY12/13 Rs 148 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY13/14 Rs 170 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY14/15 Rs 187.92 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY15/16 Rs 259.67 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY16/17 Rs 289.46 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY17/18 Rs 160.16 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY18/19 Rs 240.46 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY19/20 Rs 294.59 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY20/21 Rs 181.53 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY21/22 Rs 227.41 Crores
Balance Sheet Size FY22/23 Rs 289.78 Crores

Equity 0.04% for Intraday, 0.4% for Delivery - Negotiable
Equity Futures 0.04% of Turnover - Negotiable
Equity Options Rs 50/lot - Negotiable
Currency Futures 0.04% of Turnover - Negotiable
Currency Options Rs 50/lot - Negotiable
Commodity 0.04% of Turnover - Negotiable
Account Opening Costs

Trading only NA
Trading & Demat Rs 350
Commodity Rs 100
Transparency & other costs

Double check on if you are paying much higher other/turnover costs, make sure to compare

Equity 0.0038% of Turnover
Futures 0.0034% of Turnover
Options 0.056% of Premium Turnover
Commodities 0.0035% of Turnover
AMC charge Rs 330
DP Transaction Charge Rs 18/debit instruction
Offline order placing Charge NIL

Web/HTML 5

Intraday 22 days on NEST
End of Day 10 years on NEST

Online Trade Reports
Online PNL Reports
Online Contract Notes

Leverage Provided

Equity Upto 6 times for Intraday, 0 for Delivery
Equity Futures Upto 2 times for Intraday
Equity Options No Leverage
Currency Futures Upto 2 times for Intraday
Currency Options No Leverage
Commodity Upto3 times for Intraday
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Research & Tips
Brokerage Calculator
Margin Calculator
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Training & Education

3 in 1 Account
Instant Fund withdrawal
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Frequently Asked Questions

what is the equity intraday brokerage charge of Way2wealth ?

The equity intraday brokerage charge for Way2wealth depends on their fee structure. Please refer to Way2wealth's official website or contact their customer support for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What is delivery brokerage charge of Way2wealth ?

Way2wealth charges a brokerage fee for equity delivery trades. Check the latest rates on Way2wealth's official website or get in touch with their customer support for detailed information.

what is the options brokerage charge of Way2wealth ?

The options brokerage charge with Way2wealth varies based on their pricing model. For the latest and specific details, visit Way2wealth's official website or contact their customer service.

What is dp charge of Way2wealth ?

Way2wealth may apply a Depository Participant (DP) charge. To know the exact DP charges, please check the fees section on Way2wealth's official website or reach out to their customer support.

Does this Way2wealth charges fixed brokerage ?

Way2wealth may or may not have a fixed brokerage structure. For accurate and detailed information on brokerage charges, visit Way2wealth's official website or contact their customer service.

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